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Rocking baby to sleep

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Rocking baby to sleep

Arranging an overnight stay from Karen has literally changed our lives.

Our 8 month-old daughter was waking 4-5 times during the night and would not resettle without being rocked to sleep or breastfed.

I was absolutely exhausted from feeding so often and the rocking to sleep had given me terrible back pain. I was too tired to enjoy our daughter during the day and the thought of returning to work shortly on such little sleep, filled me with dread. I felt like nothing was working and had lost all my confidence.

We had hit rock bottom.

Finally I called Karen and arranged an overnight stay. We found Karen to be kind, compassionate, understanding and a wealth of information.

We implemented a new routine and taught our daughter to self-settle. It wasn't easy but we are so glad we persevered.

It is now one month on and the changes we have seen are just incredible. Our daughter is so happy as she is well rested, and her appetite for solids has increased dramatically. Our household feels very calm and relaxed as there is consistency and predictability to her sleep patterns.

I was very reluctant to ask for help, but calling Karen was the best thing we could have done.

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