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Sleep deprived with postpartum depression - Jane's story

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Sleep deprived with postpartum depression - Jane's story

Before I found Karen this was soon to be the story in the local newspaper.

My son was a horrid sleeper day and night. He would only feed to sleep and at 6 months old would be waking any where from 5-10 times a night.

I was sleep deprived beyond a joke, had borderline PPD and would cry at the drop of a hat. I got into my head that I could hide my feelings from people by wearing makeup all the time. I thought the world would think that I had it together when really I was a mess. I had a baby that was overtired and would only sleep if I was cuddling him some days. I never got out of my pjs or brushed my teeth (But found time for make up).

Enter Karen!! After the 2nd night I got my 1st sleep through. I was a completely changed person. I had energy and time for my baby. I didn't feel the need to wear makeup to run to the corner store for milk and he was happy and sleeping!! Of course my child never did things by half, so we fell off the wagon a few times due to sickness and teething, but after starting up sleep training it never took him long to get into the swing again

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