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3-5 Years Nurture Sleep Program


Your child is a little person now with his own ideas of how life and sleep should be managed. I'm here to guide you through this tricky stage of life and help you come out the other end with a happy and calm home.

You can help your child sleep better with my unique and holistic sleep methods. Uncover all my secrets and why so many parents turn to Karen and Nurture Parenting for their sleep help. 

This module has 10 instructional videos as well as written material to help you with all aspects of your child's sleep. It is a learning management system and not just a PDF like other online programs.

This program will change your parenting life and give you calm and confidence with its kind and conscious parenting approach. 

At Nurture Parenting, we believe strongly in conscious and authoritative parenting and all children deserve kindness.

Discover why over 200 psychologists have turned to Karen to help them with their baby and toddler sleep challenges.

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