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The roller coaster of baby sleep

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
The roller coaster of baby sleep
Baby & toddler sleep success stories

I met Bridget and Stu 8/9 months ago. Sleep has been a roller coaster. This story is the good, the bad and the ugly of baby and toddler sleep at times.

Today it’s like a Disney movie and is a Happy Ever After story.

Happy long weekend Karen! Wanted to update you with our progress. Dan (3.5 yo) is no longer (rarely) having a day sleep which is making him tired and ready for bed by 7pm. The last two nights I’ve had both boys in bed at the same time and asleep by 7:25am. Last night they slept through until 6am. Talk about a dream! xx

After our first privileged encounter with Karen life with our two boys dramatically improved. We had Daniel in bed by 7pm and Harry was responding well to the new settling techniques and getting good quality sleep during the day and at night.

The benefit of this was immeasurable.

I was getting the rest I needed and felt back in control. I had a spring in my step, renewed affection in my marriage, happy & content children and finally some ‘me’ time. My husband & I enjoyed watching movies together in the evenings. I discovered a new admiration for Jason Statham;) Life was good.

Harry reached the milestone age of six months and Karen had assured us we’d have him sleeping through the night. We persevered with the techniques Karen had taught us but it seemed our gorgeous boy was going to be the six month exception.

I phoned Karen who explained with age comes development and a slight modification to our technique would make the difference. True to her word, Harry responded and we enjoyed the occasional sleep through. Karen provided the coaching and hope to persevere.

Sleep training is not for the faint hearted. Karen kept me focused with my eye on the prize. She counselled me with reassuring follow up text messages and phone calls. She encouraged me to reach out to her at any time if ‘the wheels fell off’.

Inevitably, we’ve had our good and bad patches. Teething, illness, vaccinations, having visitors and going away all had an impact the children’s sleep routines. When we are well and back in our own home a good nights sleep is beyond priceless.

We are now using her ‘parental presence’ technique with Harry who recently turned one. The same technique worked a treat with our 3 year old son, Daniel. Our boys share a room, so our new goal is to have them both going to bed at the same time and both sleeping through. Every morning that we wake refreshed we remember how fortunate we are to have been introduced to Karen.

Being a sleep deprived parent is exhausting. Being a parent, with Karen in your corner, equips you with the skills to cope and enjoy the roller coaster ride called parenthood!

If you’d like what Bridget & Stu have all you need to do is call Karen on 0431 897932

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