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Breakfast ideas for the 6 month plus baby

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
breakfast ideas baby

I'm often asked for breakfast ideas that are nutritious, tasty and promote sleep.

Sleep needs to be looked at from a holistic perspective and part of that assessment is diet.

The ideal ratio of nutrients at each meal is 1/3 carbohydrates, 1/3 protein and 1/3 fruit or veggies and 50% nourishing fats.


Protein helps brain growth and makes such a difference to sleep.

Breakfast is a very important start to your baby's day. They've been sleeping all night and now they need energy and calories fast! it may be worth starting your day with breakfast and giving milk just before that morning nap. Read how it all fits together on my other blog here:

Babies this age need a calorie dense diet i.e. lots of fat and carbs.

Fat has double the calories of carbs so I'd recommend adding things like cream, butter, mascarpone, coconut cream, ricotta, grated parmesan or mild cheddar, olive oil, avocado into most meals. It's not going to cause high cholesterol and it will really help sleep and brain growth. Many adults live a very healthy lifestyle, on the whole, and we often apply the same food rules to our babies. However, babies need full-fat options until two years old.

wholewheat & oats

A breakfast of just yoghurt will not suffice.

For reasons why read my previous blog on how yoghurt can sabotage baby sleep:

Instead of just yoghurt try and add baby porridge oats, quinoa flakes or porridge and some fruit.

Try some finger foods, avocado on toast is a good one and butter and vegemite on toast, cut into soldiers. Finger foods really help, sitting down and eating with them and modelling behaviour is crucial. If you sit with them and eat finger foods and turn the TV off they can eat up to 25% more food.

Another great breakfast option is Weetbix. Weetabix has heaps of iron in them, as much as red meat. Babies at 6 months can eat as many as 3 Weetbix and a whole banana, mixed up with cows milk. Sleep really promotes diet. I meet babies who are regularly eating 1/4 Weetbix prior to sleep training and a week after are eating as many as 3 Weetbix and a banana! Sienna is one of them! Watch her in my youtube video at

Another good option is 1/3 quinoa porridge, 1/3 millet/corn and 1/3 porridge oats and make with full cream cows milk and add pureed fruit such as poached nectarines and peaches, or pear and apple, and if you're feeling like it a pinch of cinnamon powder to lower the glycemic index even further.

And maybe cereal isn't their thing then maybe ...

Pancakes, omelette, scrambled egg, frittata, jaffles or french toast is...

Jaffles (toasted sandwiches) with wholemeal toast - fill with:
    • Baked beans and grated cheese
    • Scrambled egg and grated cheese
    • Spaghetti and cheese
    • Grated cheese and tomato
    • Avocado and scrambled egg
    • peanut and cacao - using no sugar cacao spread

And for a heap of NEW ideas hop on over to the Nurture & Nourish section of my NEW Nurture Sleep Program. There is an amazing eBooklet with 219 pages of nutritious recipes to promote your baby's sleep.

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FOODS that promote sleep

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