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Parents need Baby Sleep Learning

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Parents need Baby Sleep Learning
The old chestnut raises it's head once more - Controlled Crying. Why oh why are we still talking baby sleep training? Parents need Baby Sleep Learning (BSL). It's a gentler way of helping babies sleep. 

Parents need Baby Sleep Learning

There is little or no crying. It's extremely gentle and promotes healthy sleep habits with no need to do sleep training. At all. Ever.

It's a preventative health model.

In the UK working as a Community Specialist Nurse Practitioner I visited all new parents weekly. From two to eight weeks, for FREE from the good old NHS. Supporting parents, educating and helping them with baby sleep. I can count on one hand how many babies/children I sleep trained.

Fast forward to Australia 15 years later and how much sleep training? Way too much.
Parents don't know about preventing sleep problems. Instead they are told to hold and feed to sleep and 'do what you have to do'. Parents have a treatment model of health. 

What sort of plan is that long term? 

baby sleep

Some parents may want to hold and feed their babies to sleep, and that's OK. But what if you were given a choice and another option? Would you like an option of a baby who could self settle?

Here's an article worth reading on "The price of rocking your baby to sleep: Infants take note of what is going on as they drop off and then want the same thing"

I see many distressed parents, upset babies, relationship stress and postnatal depression. More than I ever saw in England and Melbourne (Australia) and it needn't be like this.

When I started work in Community Health in NSW I was actively discouraged by my nurse manager from educating and helping parents manage their babies sleep. I was told "I had other things to do and I had to fill the form out, fax it off to sleep school (Tresillian or Karitane)". I couldn't believe it. I'd spent 3 years working in Melbourne in Community Health Outreach as an Enhanced Home Visiting Nurse and it didn't happen there.

I find the crying of sleep training older babies distressing and it's unnecessary.

This system is broken and it needs fixing.

I'm on a mission. And I'm going to give parents better options if they'd like them.

I'm busy writing my second book on sleep. It will be out very soon. My methods are very gentle and there is no controlled crying. Learn more about my methods at this link:

So if you need help what can you do right now?

With my medical training, I've worked with many parents to resolve medical and behavioural sleep issues. Read one of my many case studies here: Complex medical cases and sleep training

You can access my 3 decades of experience as a registered midwife and child and family health nurse via the Nurture Sleep Program. You can take your baby from sleepless to slumber in up to 7 easy lessons across 3 age groups once you join.

? FOODS that promote baby sleep
ROUTINE: easy, flexible, sleep-ready
? ENVIRONMENT: getting it right
?? DEVELOPMENT: changes, how these affect sleep
? SLEEP METHODS: secret tips that will change your life

It will stop the guesswork and give you:
A tried and tested approach (20 years of helping families with baby & toddler sleep)
Gentle baby sleep methods
Holistic assessment
Nurture & Nourish nutrition program – all recipes have sleep-inducing ingredients and a perfect balance for a good nights sleep
Access to a closed Facebook group for one on one support from Karen and 90+ timecoded Facebook Live videos
Prevention for under 4 months so no need to do sleep training ever
And all at a low $97 for a very limited time

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