Help I’m a New Mum ~ Newborn Ebook

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A concise A-Z of everything a new parent needs to know. In these days of overwhelming information it’s refreshing to be given exactly what you need from a trusted parenting and midwifery expert. There is no judgement or opinion attached, but simply incredible information to provide new parents with the confidence they need to get through the early days.

It also includes the inside info to newborn baby sleep essentials. Karen shares everything she has been teaching parents over her 28 year career of midwifery and unlocks the secrets of great newborn sleep. Not only is it a must read, but the essential information contained in this book changed many parents lives. It’s important to note this book is best suited to babies under four months – as once baby reaches 4 months a whole different approach and sleep training is needed.

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Sam Hobbelen, mum of 2 under 3 years, ‘We went from having a baby who cried for 4-5 hours overnight to a baby who slept through. We still refer to Karen in our household as ‘Karen Poppins’!

‘Such an easy read & layout. Love the flexible routine, I’ll go with the flow but having some idea is awesome.’ Kristy Fairbairn mum of 3 under 3 years including twins.

‘Karen has helped a lot of my babies and parents with their sleep difficulties; I would highly recommend her. ‘ Dr Carole Chung, BMedSc, MBBS, Dip Paeds, FRACGP and GP at Fountain Street General Practice, Alexandria, NSW 2015

4 reviews for Help I’m a New Mum ~ Newborn Ebook

  1. Michelle

    Great easy read! Very good, realistic advice and handy tips. Would recommend to read this before bubs arrive, however my little one is 6 weeks old and I’m definitely going to find it helpful, especially the sleep learning part. Such a great affordable price too.

  2. Amanda Greenslade

    This is a wonderful down-to-earth resource for new mums to have on their phone and read in the wee hours. Lights can even be off while trying to settle your little one. The voice of Karen Faulkner reaches through the phone, while reading this ebook, to let you know you’re not alone… and what to do!

  3. F

    Handy go to guide with a great easy to follow section on helping your baby self settle Having my little one be able settle in his cot has saved my wrists and I reckon it’s because of this that he’s able to sleep in a pram now too while we’re out and about.

    So glad I found this book! Looking forward to the next one.

  4. castanet

    Pгetty! This was an increɗiЬly wonderful article.
    Many thanks for supplying this information.

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