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What an amazing baby sleep turnaround!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
What an amazing baby sleep turnaround!
There are several different sleep training methods you can use with most of the age groups. Sleep training is not and should not be a one-size-fits-all. It's finding the right one for you and your baby. Temperament comes into this decision and choice in a big way. In the Nurture Sleep Program, I guide you through this decision-making process to help you identify the best fit for you and your baby. This is important to help you get the best results in a gentle way.

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Hi Karen,

I just wanted to provide an update on our Ned since we last spoke a few months ago as things have turned around remarkably.

When I spoke to you last we were between a rock and hard place, with Ned being increasingly hard to settle but with weight loss and serve reflux, our sleep training efforts went very badly. Sleep training took a backseat as we worked hard to get his weight up and manage his reflux.  At 4.5 months he took to solids like a dream and was quickly taking 3 good meals a day and we have been consulting your recipe book for ideas.

He is now 6.5 months and has jumped up 15 percentile points and is no longer being fed or rocked to sleep!

Around 1 month ago, he finally showed us signs that he was ready to go to sleep on his own and we tried sleep training again - we suspected he was not enjoying the previous hands-on methods we've used, so we used mantra checks instead. On the first night of this, he was asleep after 1 hour and 20 mins of on and off protesting and he then slept for a solid 8 hours. We have never looked back! Since that night he has gone to sleep from awake in his cot within a few minutes (or up to 15 mins if it's a bad day) for every nap and night sleep (other than an occasional pram and car naps).
I feel like a completely different person to the mother holding her baby to sleep for every nap and feeding to sleep for hours at night, only to wake a few hours later. The difference is astounding.

He generally sleeps from 7 pm to around 5:30 am when I am still offering one night feed due to his low weight and then back to sleep until 7 am. Hopefully, we can wean off this feed and move to a 7 am feed as we've gotten as close as a 6 am wake up. His naps aren't perfect but can often get two 1hr - 1h15min naps in a day, but sometimes his afternoon naps are only one cycle. I'd love to see him increase his afternoon naps, but his morning naps are often his longest and I am hesitant to wake him from those incase he only does a short afternoon nap too. I admit I haven't done any long resettling efforts for naps, usually only 15-20 mins max which does sometimes result in a resettle. We are mostly just so grateful for the huge improvement in such a short time, and we will now focus on extending his days naps a little and eventually losing the night feed.

Thank you for your resources and for your personal support - they have been very useful and reassuring!

Many thanks

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