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How to encourage sharing in your child...

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
How to encourage sharing in your child...
This is a problem way too close to home!

Children often have issues with sharing, but I'd like you to look at your nearest and dearest and how well they share.

Even I have been 'outed' as a poor sharer of my lamb bhuna in my local indian restaurant. They assumed I'd share. I did not want to share. I had no intention of sharing. It's my meal, my choice...sound familiar?!?

At home we have a really serious sharing issue.


There is a neighbour's cat - Levi. He calls round EVERY night at 5:30pm for his evening meal. He doesn't live with us, he's several doors down. But he likes the cat food we feed our cats - FANCY FEAST- and he thinks it is worth the risk of Tabitha's wrath! Now if I was Levi I would decide it was so not worth it. Tabitha stalks him, hides behind the curtains and POUNCES. It's really ugly.

So what have I done about poor Levi?

Now I have to add, Levi has a very wonky tail and a wonky eye. He has 'issues', probably from an accident. You get the picture. And Tabitha is sooo aggressive. She is so territorial. Like I said, Tabitha is a rescue cat.

I let Levi in the house. As most people know, cats have several 'homes'. Our home is one of many for Levi. I put food out for all the cats. Tabitha goes 'berko'. I shoo her outside. I pick her up to allow Levi out without getting attacked. I've slowly taught Tabitha that ours is an open house and all cats are welcome. She gets special love and cuddles for sharing.

So in my next blog I'll look at children and sharing...


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