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Why we may be producing a few less OLYMPIANS

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Why we may be producing a few less OLYMPIANS
This topic ties in so well with the Olympics.  As a Brit I couldn't help but slide a nice London Olympic theme in there! Topical and a bit sneaky hehehe...

So you're thinking  - what exactly ties in with the Olympics?

As you might remember I'm doing a fair few 4 year old health and development checks in my role as a practice nurse.

I've had a few children come in with their own iPad's! Yes, at 4 years old! And those children who do a lot of computer/tablet play we find are often delayed with their gross motor and fine motor skills. IPads are great devices used in very small doses as long as the majority of a young child's play is active and interactive.

In fact there was an article in the Sunday newspaper last week saying exactly that.

I'm afraid for the Australian cricket selectors. Hand-eye coordination is not as it was.

On a positive note, the two children I assessed this week were the best I've seen in a long time. They both play regular sport - dancing, swimming,  football and a daily session at the local park.

Balance wise, they were perfect. Sport and dancing teaches balance and coordination. Ball play at the park teaches hand-eye coordination. Just look at the photo of JJ, 14 months old - a future soccer star. He plays ball daily down his local park in Bondi.


As a child I was part of a very sporty family. I had no choice. I had to play 'rounders', cricket and football. I swam. I did gym, hockey, netball and running around a 15th century castle! Yes really. It was Kendal Castle - the old home of Catherine Parr, wife of Henry 8th. His only wife to survive! You even get a little history lesson on this blog as well.

Apparently rounders is not an Australian sport my 'significant other' informs me. After a going through of the rules, we decided it is also known at softball!. Even after 10 years in OZ there's no ironing the English out of me. You think you're all talking the same language but no apparently not.

So getting back to the point. I was exposed to so many sports. Now I'm not all. The most exercise I do now is swimming, yoga and a gentle walk. But I have to say that I have a wicked hand-eye coordination. Throw me a set of keys and I rarely miss. Left to my own devices I would have been such a couchie reading books all day.

As parents it's so important to expose your child to sport and activities. All children should be doing at least 60 minutes active play every day and that does not include Wii sport. It's a walk to the park, a swim, a dance class or whatever they enjoy. Try and do it as a family - join in with them. Everyone gets a lot more enjoyment that way.

You never know you might enjoy it and discover your inner child.  Some of my best memories are of playing active games as a child with my family and friends. Coming from a bookworm, that speaks volumes.

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