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Miss Freya experiences her first snowflakes!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Miss Freya experiences her first snowflakes!
How strange it must be to experience snow for the first time!

It's sort of wet but sort of not and when you're out in the country - as Miss Freya is - you can actually hear each individual snowflake fall to the ground. Yes, Really!

She was most perplexed apparently. Well, I'm sure she'll get quite used to it, living in the North of England!

She's nearly 7 months old and coming on nicely. Loves her food! Chip off the old block - me and sis and brother all! And her dad too! Yes we all love our food.

In 2 weeks she's getting Christened and I'm one of the godmothers (in absentia). Here's another one of us - Amanda from London who has a very glitzy fashion job in the city. i'm sure you can't tell?!?!?

It's my third foray into god-motherdom! Hopefully I'll do a reasonable job. LOL.

So i've been busy with crocheting the Christening hat. A very responsible job. She's way too big now to fit into the family heirloom Victorian silk gown that has been worn by 4 or 5 generations.

So she's going to be wearing a lovely red dress. I'm sure she'll steal the show.

And in exchange for a is sis's second blog. Go sis! Oh, and sis has missed a decade off her birthday. I feel that blogs should be correct and accurate! LOL.

So very happy 40th birthday Sis for the 1st of December. A double celebration!

Freya experienced snow for the first time last week! Not really sure she knew what was going on, i think she just wanted to know why she was getting cold and wet! It only lasted a short while, and only settled on the hills but exciting none the less :) we can't wait till she is old enough to go sledging and make snowmen. Freya's fairy godmother also visited from London and a lovely time was had by all. We attempted going to feed the ducks but they appeared to have migrated for warmer shores no doubt, and we ended up being harassed by about 300 seagulls instead.....some days out end up being more successful than others! Freya is now the queen of rolling over and can make it from one side of the room to the other at the speed of light. She has her christening coming up soon, of which her favourite auntie Karen is being godmother. I dont think she will take too kindly to being held by a strange man and having cold water put on her head in the middle of winter.....It will be a double celebration as i will be celebrating my 30th birthday also cough cough splutter.



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