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New Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS teat

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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As you all know, yesterday I spent a lovely morning at the product launch of the New Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS teat™.

I think it's important to look at the science behind the product and why I think it's a really good option for breast fed as well as formula fed babies.

A lot of Midwives (myself included) have preferred the Pigeon peristaltic teat over most other teats for a long time.

The NEW Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS teat™ offers even more benefits.

It mimics the flow rate of breast feeding whereas other teats parents have reported (Avent) too fast a flow causing the baby to have swallowing issues. Tommee Tippee have a new closer to nature teat and bottle, but this has been reported to have issues with the teat collapsing during a feed.

Pigeon has a unique flexibility to the teat and the silicone has been altered halfway down the teat (more textured) to mimic breast tissue and create a better grip and seal.

It reduces leakage and enables a more efficient milk transfer. The way it is designed, enables a better latch by the baby's mouth. They have teats for older babies that allow for mouth changes and differences in swallowing, of older babies.

It has a wider teat base for improved suction. Narrower teats can cause leakage, as the breast fed baby tries to mimic attachment at the breast. They often fail to get a good seal with a narrow neck bottle and teat.

It has a fossa fitting nipple radius which means the contour and radius of Peristaltic PLUS™ teat  are expertly crafted to fit the cavity at the top of baby's mouth, known as a sucking fossa.
This precise fit enables a better attachment to the teat when sucking.

Pigeon performed extensive testing using ultrasound to examine how babies attach and suckle at the breast. This was translated into the development of the new teat. It is truly amazing to witness. They examine in minute detail nutritive and non-nutritive sucking.

The list of research papers is quite astounding and shows a real attention to detail. Pigeon are a world respected company and were established over 55 years ago.

It's all based on correct attachment, peristaltic movement and swallowing. 

I feel it may revolutionalise infant feeding and improve the experience of both breast and formula fed babies.

Let me know what you think..

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