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Thank you to all my blog readers

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Thank you to all my blog readers
I'd like to thank all of you lovely peeps out there in the big wide world who visit and read my blog.

I never imagined I would write a blog, never mind have people actually read it!!!

And best of all I hit the half a million readers/visitor mark this week. It made me go all sort of funny and mushy inside! So I'm sharing the love and sending hugs out to the universe.

I even have people as far away as Antarctica and Scandinavia who follow my blog. Amazing :-)

All you parents and your babies and children, that I meet, are my inspiration and I feel you all need a heads up for doing such a mighty fine job.

Parents need more support and praise for a job well done.

Now I've completed my Oscars speech and have not ventured down the road of doing a Gwyneth and blubbing all over the podium!!! Sorry Gwyneth!

Back to the important job of the blog and another video blog/VLOG.

Today's VLOG comes from my pharmacy job at Basger's in North Bondi, Sydney and you get to meet some of the cute bubba's and I give you a little insight into my world. Just a little, mind, as I can be quite a private person at times! HAHAHA!!!

So sit back and press play and welcome to my world... 

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