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Laura & Matilda 20 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Laura & Matilda 20 months
Matilda had been bed-sharing/co-sleeping with her mummy, Laura for the whole 20 months. She had never been in a cot ever and was still breast feeding 5 times a night. Laura was returning back to work in a month so was desperate to help Matilda learn to sleep independently and self-settle to help with daycare. Mum knew that teaching her to self settle was essential for long term emotional health and resilience but she was worried about what sleep training was going to do with her relationship with her child. A week before Christmas I went to help Laura and her husband on a 2 night Toddler Sleep Magic Overnight Consult.

Within one night Matilda learnt to not only self settle in her cot but resettle within 15 minutes and woke happy for the day. Within an hour of leaving the house she told her mummy that she loved Karen. And by night 2 settling was peaceful and so much easier. This is her mum’s testimonial 3 weeks after my visit.

Dearest Karen,
Everyday Adam and I remain so grateful for you!
You have completely changed our lives! We still can’t believe how easily this all happened and we now have a child who sleeps through the night and eats so much. We are still on a high about it and want to shout it out from the rooftops. We are forever in your debt.
We hope you have a wonderful 2018!

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