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Emma, Carl & Duke 2 years old

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Emma, Carl & Duke 2 years old
Duke had been waking up many times at night, and one night, he woke 17 times ???? it was an OMG moment. I just had to go and help this lovely family. He’d also recently moved house and had been on his holidays to several locations in Australia. His parents, in desperation, had tried a toddler bed. But unfortunately, nothing was working. On the night I went to help them he ran round his bedroom and shouted quite a lot. I decided to put him back into his cot to help him calm down, and it worked a treat. So I had mum and dad frantically reconstructing his cot, and by morning, we had a much calmer and rested little man. I used a very kind and gentle sleep training method for these little ones, and he responded beautifully. And within a week and a lot of hard work and commitment from his parents, Duke had rewarded them with sleep through. YAY ! and may there be many more where that came from?
Hey Karen! I hope you're enjoying this beautiful day☀. I just wanted to give you an update on Duke. On Friday night, he went down within 5 mins, and since then, for his night and day naps, he has gone down without any tears, sleep throughs too ? Ecstatically Happy Parents, Emma & Carl XX

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