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Katrina, Tom & Nicholas 9 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Katrina, Tom & Nicholas 9 months
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Karen changed our lives. My 9-month-old baby boy was waking an average of 5 times a night, and I was feeding him back to sleep each time. The months and months of broken sleep had taken a massive physical and emotional toll. In one night, Karen had Nicolas sleeping in his cot (previously it was used for storage) and right through until morning. It’s an understatement to say Karen is a miracle worker.

I was worried that my happy boy would be ruined by “sleep training,” but that was not the case. Karen is kind, compassionate and has a wealth of wisdom. Nicolas wakes up so happy in the morning, and so do I; I can’t wait to cuddle him – a dramatic difference from last month when I was exhausted, depressed and not enjoying my beautiful boy.

I wish there were more miracle workers like Karen to help the many other sleep-deprived families out there. Sleep deprivation doesn’t have to be a right of passage of parenthood.

Katrina xo

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