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Jessica & Mikayla 11 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Jessica & Mikayla 11 months
As I sit down to write this I am honestly amazed at how different my life is to what I was experiencing a few months ago. Karen will always be our real life Mary Poppins and I can never thank her enough.

From the day Miki turned 4 months old I felt I was living a nightmare. My whole world revolved around Mikayla’s sleep and the lack of sleep I was getting. I was so angry at everything and often broke down and cried at the drop of a hat. Mikayla was my absolute world but she was also breaking me apart emotionally and physically. We had tried a Tresillian residential stay and I had read every book and article I could find on sleep. Nothing worked and I had given up any hope. I honestly had come to believe that this was going to be my life until she eventually learnt to sleep. I had resorted to bouncing her up and down in a darkened room for hours during the day and doing whatever I could to get her and keep her asleep during the nights. Many nights I laid with her in the bed quietly crying and hoping it would all end soon. I felt I had nothing to look forward to and dreaded the next wake up/day ahead.

I called Karen after having 2 hours sleep in 48 hours and although my husband and I were both skeptical Karen was just the breath of fresh air that we needed. Her techniques allowed Mikayla to learn to go to bed on her own without the rocking, patting, and bouncing of the previous 11 months. She brought with her my confidence as a mother and since our first meeting I am honestly a changed woman.

Mikayla slept through the night for the first time ever the night after Karen left. She continued to be an amazing night sleeper since and only wakes if sick or in pain but quickly resettles herself. She even allows me to pop her in the cot and walk out and she goes to sleep on her own. Day sleeps were a little more difficult but a few months on and she is now starting to get the idea of sleeping and sleeping in her cot during the day. It is still hit and miss but it is a huge improvement from where we were.

Karen did not just give me the tools to give to Mikayla to learn to self settle, she made my already very happy girl happier. In the last few months, Mikayla is confidently walking, eating me out of house and home and has a new found love of reading books and talking.

Karen saved my sanity but I am pretty sure I owe her my life. There were some very dark times in those last few weeks and I am eternally grateful to Karen for giving me a new lease on life and allowing me to enjoy parenthood. If you are reading this and feel you need Karen, you probably do. Take the leap of faith it is well worth it!

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