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Itti bitti cloth nappies/diapers are planning a massive giveaway

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Itti bitti cloth nappies/diapers are planning a massive giveaway


Those of you who read my blog will recall my love of itti bitti cloth nappies/diapers for those cute little baby's bottoms.

I even took some over for the very cute Miss Freya.

Well I felt it was my duty and public service for the good of the environment to let you know about their special offer.

All you need to do is LIKE them on Facebook and voila!

As soon as we get to 30,000 likers on Facebook, we shall start the Festival of Fluff. The festival of fluff will go for three weeks, with great competitions, fun, special offers and part of it will be a $30,000 itti bitti giveaway!

Yes you read correctly, an amazing $30,000 worth of itti bitti goodness to share with you!!!!!

Not only that, the new itti bitti colour range will go on sale as once the Festival of Fluff starts! The sooner we to 30,000 the sooner the fun and giveaways start, so please make sure to LIKE the page.

As well, because the new colours are so close to arriving, we have thecurrent colour range of bitti tutto and bitti d'lish nappies, which are being discontinued at 25% off. Many of these colours are close to being sold out forever, so if there is a particular colour you want, get in quick to avoid disappointment!

The festival of fluff will be the biggest and most amazing promotion itti bitti has done yet, so like us if you don't already, get your friends to like and together we can all share in the fun! :)

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