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Air travel for babies and children

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
air travel, flying with baby, plane travel, holidays with a baby
I get a lot of interesting articles via Twitter and other pots of gold on the net and felt like they needed a regular spot rather than wasting time in my head or my file in my email!!!

So maybe it's time for a weekly share and there's no better day than a Monday. A lot of you parents are time poor so what better than a sift through from moi? After all I love reading and can spot gold from a hundred paces. So here goes...

One of the first to grab my attention last week was an article from the Huffington Post and which airline is best for being baby and child friendly.

The US ones don't fare so well according to this journalist but Emirates, Singapore and a lot of the Eastern/Asia airlines are still being kind to families YAY FOR ALL THE AUSSIE PARENTS. But how long will it last before they change and stop heating milk up and not providing kiddies activity packs etc???

and here's one about travelling alone with a toddler. Yikes!

Then I came across a great article from Dr Michelle Borba on how to build empathy in your children.  She has some truly great suggestions and a wealth of knowledge. Without empathy the world is a sad place and its never too soon to instill some positive values into your toddler/child.

Those of you know me will know of how I love Psychology and how we can work positively on children in building better relationships.

A lot of parents are time poor and cannot get to Triple P or parenting courses about online? Genius!

I'm Triple P trained and am partial to doing a bit of supernanny style parenting support. Triple P is the only research based parenting support tool and originates from the University of Queensland.

So here it is - online support.

And now we're going to finish with the most irritating question a toddler may ask repeatedly!!!!

So that's all for this weeks folks. If you enjoyed my weekly round up let me know. I feel a permanent weekly fixture coming along...

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