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Arti & Siya 3 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Arti & Siya 3 months
Karen is an absolute gem. When you get Karen you get MUCH MUCH MORE than just a sleep training expert.

Karen’s advice is comprehensive and covers important areas such as baby massage, feeding and transitioning to solids, flexible routines transitioning to set routines, best sleeping conditions, recognising and understanding baby’s tired signs, and baby’s development milestones. Oh and there’s the sleep training! Karen helped us remove our 3.5month old baby’s sleeping crutches (rocking to sleep, pacifier and swaddle) which was causing us so much grief (and no sleep!).

Her approach is gentle and we had a baby sleeping through the night – with no rocking, pacifier etc – on the 3rd night of ST! I would recommend Karen to all new mothers (and especially first time Mums) in a heartbeat. You don’t need Karen because of baby sleep challenges…you need Karen because YOU HAVE A BABY. Being a first time mum is tough as there is so much bad/inconsistent advice out there. Someone like Karen absolutely cuts through all that and provides solid evidence-based solutions and advice.

Love your work Karen and thanks for helping us!

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