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New year parenting resolutions

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
New year parenting resolutions
We're now 16 days into a new year. Are your New Years parenting resolutions making headway or have they already fallen by the wayside? Do you even have any parenting resolutions?

What happened to last years resolutions? Interesting thought isn't it!?

Less than half of Australian's make New Year’s Resolutions each year. Some people think that resolutions are superficial and silly, as if making a goal at some other time of year is more profound for some reason.

The stats on making resolutions are fascinating reading. Of the 45% of Australian’s that make New Year’s resolutions, a very small percentage actually achieve their resolutions. Amazingly only an estimated 8% actually reach their new year’s resolutions. Of the 45% that set resolutions, 25% don’t make it past the first week.  Past 2 weeks 71% make it, after one month its 64%  and after 6 months only 46% are still going. Interesting stats!

So many of us struggle with them because they are:
  • Too vague
  • Too huge
  • Too secretive
  • Too outside of your control
  • Too emotional
  • Too difficult
Did you have any resolutions for making changes in your parenting? Maybe you wanted to build on your relationship with your child or maybe your partner. Whatever you have decided, it needs to start with a few simple steps:

It starts with a firm decision, with a resolution, and that can happen right now. Resolution is not something that happens in the future, it is something that happens in the present and continues from moment to moment. These moments create our future.

Make your new year’s resolutions stick with these 7 important steps

1. Be aware but don't dwell on the past:

To make a resolution we have to be made aware of something that needs to change. For example has your child's behaviour become more 'naughty' and have the battles increased? You may have spent more time with them over the holidays and have seen those little issues that need addressing?

2. Know your “why:”

Know what your motivation is. Why do you want this change? Create a mantra that is simple to remember and carries the meaning and importance of why you are seeking to change or improve something in your life.

3. Write it down:

Learn how to set good, SMART goals and then make a formal record of them. Not all goals are created equal. The acronym SMART stands for:

· Specific
· Measurable
· Attainable
· Realistic/Relevant
· Time-sensitive

4. Be accountable:

Tell someone. Ask that person to check in with you from time to time. Knowing that this will happen will make you more accountable and more likely to follow through with action.

5. Review and track your goals:

Set a time daily or weekly to review your goal. Keeping a diary can help. I ask all my parents that I see to do this. By doing this you can see a pattern over time. Also do any tweaks need to made to help you realise your goal?

6. Today and now are important:

Take a step today no matter what happened yesterday. This is where I find that most people struggle. We often think that if we miss a day, it’s all over. We catastrophize the impact of a day that has passed us by and minimise the impact that our actions have right now. Results are all made up of countless tiny choices and movements towards that goal. Little footsteps take us up the mountain. If we have an off day and temporarily forget our goal it won't permanently sabotage our final results. Get back up and get back to it. You'll feel much better about yourself!

7. Celebrate and repeat the process:

Celebrate and acknowledge any success no matter how small. It is so important. Celebrating cements those changes and makes them permanent. Once you've mastered one goal its time to start another! Change in parenting and improvements need to continue as your child grows and changes.

Never stop and certainly make sure you start!

What is one of your new year’s resolutions? Have you made any changes towards your parenting goals? Remember success comes from trying and those little baby steps. So what are you waiting for??? 

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