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Top 5 Reasons Why Baby Yoga Is a Must Do for You and Your Baby

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Top 5 Reasons Why Baby Yoga Is a Must Do for You and Your Baby

A lot of mums and dads think that baby yoga is mum and bub yoga. Well I'm here to dispel that myth and give you 5 very good reasons as to why it's important for your baby.

A lot of yoga studios do mums and bubs yoga. Parents attend because they think it's baby yoga and then are very disappointed because the emphasis is on the mum or dad. It's just a yoga class that invites babies along and has nothing to do with true baby yoga. Yes it's still very good for you as a parent but what does it do for your baby? Not very much.I can understand that disappointment. You were promised one thing and got something else entirely. And I'm all about the baby and the relationship building between parent and baby.

I've done my research, as always! And there are very few true Baby Yoga studio classes. One other that I know of is at Yoganic at Willoughby ...

They are the official Birthlight Yoga training affiliate where I did my Baby Yoga Diploma last year ... and

Babies are rocked and touched in utero and baby yoga looks at recreating that special bond and movement that was experienced previously. After birth, gentle movement and touch together are the basis of synesthesia (the integration of sensory experience). It is the way babies bring together their sensory experiences in a general way through an emotional interaction with their parents or carers. 

So what are the benefits of any yoga? 

5 reasons why it is a MUST DO activity

    1. In one short daily session, babies receive as much physical activity as if they were handled for a few hours. We do a lot of baby holding and carrying nowadays, and babies receive little physical stimulation. A lot of babies dislike floor time. What if I told you that baby yoga has a really fun way of making tummy time and rolling over fun and it's done to songs that help the baby love it even more. A real win-win for everyone.
    2. Baby Yoga promotes more and better sleep. Every parent would like a good nights sleep I'm sure. It's one of the topics I get asked about the most and why my baby whispering services are in demand. Babies who experience daily exercise will sleep better. Fact. The baby yoga classes will give you a set of activities that you can do every day with your baby. 
    3. Regular movement promotes a more ‘settled’ behaviour with fewer extremes. It aids emotional and physical self regulation. It can help babies adjust and assimilate the traumatic effects of birth. Huge stuff! It promotes infant - parent attachment, bonding, and provides the basis for trust and security in future relationship building. It helps traverse those pesky Wonder Weeks more smoothly.
    4. It helps reflux, colic and general difficult digestive issues. There are specific exercises that target reflux, constipation and infant colic. It reduces crying and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. The outcome is an increase in those lovely feel good hormones endorphins.
    5. It promotes physical and mental development by brain gym. This connects the two hemispheres of the brain and helps them communicate better. The exercises in baby yoga specifically look at increasing and promoting physical and emotional development.
That's 5 very good reasons why baby yoga is a must do activity, and for me as a nurse and midwife it was my lightbulb moment. It brings all my experience and knowledge together and has given me extra skills that promote and treat physical issues such as colic and reflux and general irritability. It also enhances my background in psychology and I understand how and why it promotes emotional development and parent-infant interaction.

My previous baby yoga classes were held at MG Pilates in Erskineville, 128a Erskineville Road, above the dry cleaners and opposite the train station. It's a beautiful venue and perfect for mums/dads and bubs. We held a Tuesday class is for 3 month to precrawlers and Thursday's was for crawlers to walkers. They were for 4 consecutive weeks and cost $100 for all 4. They ran from 2-3pm. There was fun, songs and a chance to ask any questions of the baby whisperer at the end of the class. Give me, Karen, a call on 0431 897932 if you're interested in learning more. The groups are no more than 10 mums/dads and bubs so are small and personal.

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