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A few changes to Nurture Parenting

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
A few changes to Nurture Parenting
Another busy week and lots of things in the pipeline...

I love busy and I love new and most of all I love improvements!

I'm starting baby yoga classes next year at MG Pilates in Erskineville in January 2014. I'm planning on doing these as weekly afternoon classes for 4 consecutive weeks. These are in addition to my baby massage classes.

There will be a Facebook giveaway soon for 3 baby yoga seminars of 8 mums/dads and bubs in each class (24 places in total) to run at MG Pilates in November. To complete my diploma in baby yoga I need to do 3 classes and complete an essay!!!!

I wish there was more days in the week.

My website is getting updated and it's looking awesome, big thank you to Julie. It's going to have a shop so all my seminars on baby yoga, baby massage and toddler taming can be booked and paid for online.

I'm also planning on having a shop of things I like and give my stamp of approval to. A bit like Oprah's favourite things. It will be available in the New Year and I'm going to be getting discounts on these items for all my Nurture PS valued clients.

I'm going to be having a picnic down the park in November for all the mums/dads and bubs that have been part of my journey at Nurture Parenting Solutions. Its likely to be In Alexandria at the big park off Wyndham Street. I'll let you all know via the blog and Facebook page when that is likely to be.

Oh and I almost forgot! I'm writing several ebooks on all things parenting. I'm starting with toddler psychology and management and moving through all my favourite things including sleep. I felt it was about time and December and January are my quieter times and perfect for a spot of book writing. These will not be any ordinary book. Oh no! There will be a very interactive and video element to them. I love writing and can't wait.

I've recently self published my fiction novel on Amazon but it's not under my name. I decided some things should be separate!!!!

Hope you've all had a lovely week and have an awesome weekend with your bubs and toddlers :-)

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