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A Freya update

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Freya, Nurture Parenting, aunty
Miss Freya is 11 months old (my sisters baby) and she has another on the way very soon (mid June!!!). Yikes.

Here's an update on Miss Freya and how cute is she? I'm sure she takes after her aunty! Which one? Me of course!!!


And she's got 2 teeth and is walking around the furniture, up the stairs and everywhere. She's quite chatty and loves her food and sleeps really well.

She's had a bit of Croup and a few horrible colds. I blame that cold damp place she lives in…ENGLAND! Its been really cold there recently, all of 0-2C at nighttime and a measly 8C in the day and this is Spring!


I don't think strawberries are her thing!

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