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Monday assortment of all things parenting

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Monday assortment of all things parenting
Here's a hotchpotch of delights especially for a Monday.

Isn't it funny how when you have something REALLY IMPORTANT TO DO (like a very important synopsis for my fiction book) you get sidetracked!

Oh I am the worlds best. Always gathering snippets of info and loveliness. So here it is...

A good friend of mine, Linda, has set up a really amazing toy business, Village Toys. She's based in Gerringong (NSW, Australia) and she tests all her toys that she sells on her two littleies. I met Linda whilst working nights as a Midwife in Special Care Baby Unit and we got on like a house on fire. Her baby was a premmie, though you'd never know it now, he's such a robust little boy.

She posts all the toys straight to you so there's no need for a trudge to a shop which is never easy with babies/children. And she has special offers…check them out.

three toddlers, studio shot

There's Brio, Haba, Sevi, Fun Factory, Micador, Melissa & Doug, DJECO and so many more etc.

Check out this site - the Stepford Stitchers. They do all things baby and my oh my their needlework is AMAZING. I'm especially loving the fabric nappies with cute designs from Alice in Wonderland to The Gruffalo to Butterflies. Custom nappies sell for 35 GBP to 65 GBP. They also do handmade patchwork quilts especially for the little ones and comforters (Cwtchies)

And a round of all things controversial and interesting from one of my faves Mama Natural - Go mama

Reasons why smacking is never a great choice for discipline - 80 research studies validate gentle discipline methods.

And now a toddler tantrum that is most definitely oscar worthy.

And here's a contender to Miss Honey Booboo, Tom Hanks and his daughter, Sophie.

We all need a laugh on a Monday and here it is...

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