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Thandi Friends Project - nurturing love

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Thandi Friends Project - nurturing love
Whilst on my little trip to England I ventured to the local country gala.








I came across an amazing couple, Alan and Chris Clowes who devote their time and energy to a charity called Thandi Friends Project.

They strive to empower the community through education, skills development, food aid and medical services.

In a truly nurturing sense, the objective is to help the disadvantaged children and families, in the Grabouw area of Western Cape of South Africa, to help themselves.

I used to work with asylum seekers and refugees, from Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia when I worked as an Enhanced Home Visiting Nurse, at Braybrook in the City of Maribyrnong, West Melbourne.

So their charity and ethos really struck a cord with me.

These children are often looking after parents who have HIV and so they leave school without a complete education.

Their diet lacks the basic proteins for growth and development.

toddler milk

These are things we often take for granted.

When I stopped to talk with them, I realised very quickly how my past and present roles are not so far apart from theirs.

It's all about basic human needs and we need to start with the children - food, health, education, shelter, love and support...

We can support and help them in so many ways.

You can sponsor their creche for 20GBP a month (@$40AUD).

Have a read about their work it may inspire you to help them...

I know in the future I will be doing so.


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