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Life in the Dales - a magical childhood...

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Life in the Dales - a magical childhood...
I'm going to give you a little peek at a magical childhood in Wensleydale...

On my recent holiday up North (in England) I had the amazing experience of a country gala.

We had the May Queen parade...

Followed by a brass band and the town crier

It was a little pocket of a time gone by, so different to my Sydney existence








We ate full cream ice-ceam straight from the farm in a variety of flavours

Sedbergh Gala





My fave was blackcurrant and liquorice topped off with Royal Bourbon Vanilla

sedbergh gala







I learnt about the lifecycle of bees and honey, with Brian Wright, who's coming over to Sydney soon to visit his family on the North Shore

I held amazing owls that had been rescued from desperate situations and had been given a lifeline...

Oscar is a European Eagle Owl and such an amazing personality

The owl experience was a highlight of my holiday...

Mr Paul Rose, MBE does some truly inspirational work, in his owl rescue and rehabilitation centre.

A truly amazing man and a true friend to his very special owls.

sedbergh gala







This was followed by an egg throwing competition!


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