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I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
I'm leaving on a jet plane...
I'm off on an interstate plane trip this weekend so next blog will arrive on Sunday.

Even Karen needs a bit of R and R and believe me I'm good at it!

I've had a lot of inquiries and questions from parents about long haul flights and some of you are flying solo to England with bubs and toddlers, so it makes sense that my next blog topic will be flying with bub and toddlers.

It's something that makes the most Zenned out parent a wee bit stressed. Quite understandable.

The thought of 26 hours without kids can send most of us into a tailspin.

So add a cranky bub or overactive toddler and whooshka!

Even though I'm only going to Melbourne it will be enough to get me thinking.

I've got my winter woolies packed and I'm ready for those cold nights. I'm off to watch the Storm vs the Raiders and I'm lucky enough to be in a VIP box with champers and canapes.

I have worked very hard today at my GP job this week so feel I deserve the reward.

And you parents out there need to make sure you all get a regular dose of luxury and self care, whatever that may mean.

From a cup of coffee at a cafe or it may mean actually getting breakfast and/or a shower. 

Self care is sooo vital to being able to cope with anything bub throws at you. And its not selfish at all.

Always remember to ask yourself at the end of a day...what did I do for me today? It can make all the difference.

So self care will arrive Sunday with a few little gems...



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