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Community Resources for Families in the Inner West (Sydney) - Magic Yellow Bus

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Community Resources for Families in the Inner West (Sydney) - Magic Yellow Bus
I decided to write about local family and children's resources as I know a lot of parents out there can get a bit isolated once your mothers groups stop at the local clinics.

Some of you may never have had a mothers/parents group or felt that it wasn't your thing so today's blog is designed to give you a few options to have fun with your babies and children.

The first of these is the Magic Yellow Bus.

It operates at various parks in the Inner West during the week. Only on fine weather days. So not like today. Sydney has had a lot of rain today!

Mondays are at Petersham Park - 9:30am till 12 md

Tuesdays are at McNeilly Park - 9:30am till 12 md

Wednesdays are at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park - 9:30 am till 12md

Wednesdays are also at Steel Park, Marrickville South 9:30am - 12md

Thursdays are at Enmore Park - 9:30am - 12md

Fridays are at Johnson Park, Dulwich Hill - 9:30am - 12md. (Constitution Road)

Read about Moo and Renae's trips to the Magic Yellow bus and be inspired.

You just rock up with your kids and babies (6 weeks to 12 years) and have fun. There's heaps of activities and toys and you'll meet other parents. It's a really great resource from Marrickville council and has been going a long time (30 years).

The bus uses various parts of each park according to age; there is a section for new-borns which is basically a large mat with lots of grab and colourful toys such as rattles and squeeze toys aimed at encouraging exploration through touch and sound. For the toddlers there are many outdoor toys encouraging physical and gross motor skills through running, throwing, balancing with the use of toys such as balls, ride-on toys and movement games. There is also a craft and painting section complete with aprons and all supplies.

The Magic Yellow Bus is also available for hire by community organisations at special events and excursions by arrangement. For further information contact the co-ordinator on 0412 921 540 or email,pURL=magic_yellow_bus65132,

So what are you waiting for?

Get out there and have may make a friend, have a laugh and best of all its a day out for both of you. There's nothing worse than being home 24/7 with a toddler. It's enough to send you stir crazy.

Exercise those bodies and brains. Grab a coffee and a muffin on the way and let off steam with the other parents. It's a great morning out. And best of all it's FREE.


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