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Useful baby products for solid food (weaning in the UK)

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
baby food, finger food, baby led weaning, starting solids

Moving onto solid food

I'm always collecting useful bits of info and ideas from parents I meet. Like a little Magpie, I guess!

Charlotte's mummy Belinda told me about the Qubies.

They're an easy way to freeze food that doesn't involve lots of time having to put into individual ice cube trays. It does it all for you and because they're made of silicone they're so easy to take out and store in freezer bags.

They even produce a video showing you how to make easy veggie purees for bub and how to use them. Too easy. Love it, Belinda

Ikea long-sleeved bibs

Something else that I think is very helpful especially for those self-feeding/baby led weaning stages is the IKEA long sleeved bibs.

They save lots of washing and are not too expensive at $5 each. Miss Rosalies' mummy told me about those. Thank you, Julie.

I'm also loving the baby dipper, a triangular bowl with a heavy base that encourages self-feeding and keeps the bowl on the high chair tray. It was developed by a mum that had twins.

Encourage self-feeding

It's good to encourage self-feeding at 8 months plus. Give your baby the spoon, do finger foods and baby led weaning.

Being able to self-feed isn't just about nutrition, it's about those fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Look at Miss Annabelle and her lamb cutlets. She's 8 months old and loves to feed herself :-)

Happy Baby Feeding!

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