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Why French Children Don't Throw Food

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
French Children don't throw food, throwing food, mealtimes, toddler eating, bad behaviour at mealtimes, Pamela Druckerman
Karen has had another very 'quiet' day with still no voice...three days of quiet!!!

It's a very strange world I'm living in. I can't answer the phone. I'm using sign language in shops. People can't help but laugh at the girl with no voice!

After a morning of intense housework. I really HATE housework as I'm sure most of us do and I have a cat, Tabitha who hates the vacuum cleaner. She runs like a demented thing and has taken up home inside the couch (underneath in the hessian lining!). Both my cats are rescue cats and came with plenty of 'baggage'!

I got a text message yesterday informing me that Trim (my black and white cat named after Matthew Flinders cat. This was before I knew how adventurous he was) was in someones apartment on level 3. We're on the ground floor.

Now how did he get there? Did he go up in the lift pressing the buttons himself? Did someone take him up or did he jump like James Bond from the tree  to level 3 balcony??? I shall never know.

Tabitha has drilled for seclusion in her very own tunnel like The Great Escape. The couch is not what it was. Hurrumph!

Which brings me onto my French day.

I called in at my favourite bit of luxury. The French House on Danks Street, Waterloo. Ooh la la. You can nearly pretend you're in France.

I had a lovely long black coffee in one of those big bowls and had a read of a new magazine, Good, an eco living type of theme from New Zealand. There was a few child friendly articles in there which I shall share in due course.

Now back to the French theme.

I'm reading a fascinating book at the mo why French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman. Once I've inhaled it and digested I shall give you a review of any helpful tips.

Maybe she has a solution for cats that hate vacuum cleaners?

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