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Parenting your Toddler

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Parenting your Toddler
Well hello out there!

How are you all today? Good I hope. Karen's losing her voice but she can still blog. YAY! May be a quiet night at home tonight - lucky 'significant other'.

So talking about voice you get sick of shouting at your toddler or asking them to do things 10 times and nada?

Well help is at hand...

Karen will be doing Parenting Your Toddler seminars at her lovely new venue in sunny Alexandria at 118 Henderson Road (MG Pilates).

They start on Saturday 11th August at 2-3:30pm and a follow up session on Saturday 25th August 2-3pm.

The first one covers how to improve your relationship with your toddler including
  • Encouraging desirable behaviours
  • Getting rid of irritating behaviours like whingeing
  • How to teach independent play
  • How to manage mis-behaviours - tantrums, hitting, biting etc.
  • Choices and Consequences
The second seminar examines
  • Toddler food issues
  • Toilet training or should that be toilet learning????
  • School readiness
  • Sibling rivalry and how to prepare for the second child
  • Sleep issues including night terrors and nightmares
These seminars will enrich your parenting experience and build you with a set of skills that will make you the envy of every parent. Karen has more things up her sleeve than a naughty chair! Prepare to learn the key things that will turn your child and your family around.

Places are limited to 8 per seminar (mums, dads, carers, interested people)

It will be a toddler free zone as it doesn't help the little people if we talk in front of them.

What are you waiting for?

Ring Karen on 0431 897932

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