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Baby sleep training - Vogue 8 months

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Baby sleep training - Vogue 8 months
After returning from a lovely holiday overseas visiting family it was as if Vogues' cot had caught a virus!

She just became petrified of it and as such after trying every other method we knew we resorted to having her in our bed as didn't know how else to calm her down...

This was not the answer!

Thanks to you Karen, She is a “ Different Child” who is now loving her cot , loves bed time and can settle herself within a few minutes of waking if its not yet time to wake up.

There was obviously a few trying times for Vogue, whilst the routine was being set. However, we as parents, now have a better idea of what our baby girl is trying to tell us through her tired signs, etc. We appreciate the information you were able to share with us, so we can achieve all this, whilst remaining calm.

We have a very happy and content child and we are loving sleeping all the way through the night and eating more now too as she is no longer too tired to eat!

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