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Luca 6 months learning to sleep

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Luca 6 months learning to sleep

Settled baby

“I again would like to thank you for your help with Luca over the last couple of months. He is much happier and a more settled little man.

So the sleep training…where do I begin?

After I spoke to you that afternoon, I was a little apprehensive, to say the least about starting sleep training. As we discussed I was feeding Luca at least 2 times per night if not up to 4 times. The thought of him sleeping through and not feeding him seemed unachievable, however, I was going to give it a go as Luca was already eating 3 meals a day and I was sure he just wanted to be comforted by me and was not actually hungry. Luca was booked in for his 6-month needles a week later so I decided that I would wait until he had been given his shots just in case it made him more unsettled and disrupted any progress we would make.

I had mentally prepared myself and had enlisted the help of my mother-in-law for a few nights as Tim (Luca’s Dad) would easily give-in to ongoing crying.

Night one was better than expected!  Luca woke up a few times and it took some effort to settle him but we eventually made it through the night. We had set a “rule” that we would not feed him until 6 am and it worked! Nights two and three were better again with Luca waking less frequently and settling faster. By night five Luca was and still is not waking through the night!
We also discovered Luca had a tooth on day four, so all things considered he did exceptionally well

Daniela & Luca

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