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The Glitter Witch is Finally Dead!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
The Glitter Witch is Finally Dead!

Ding dong the witch is dead!! 

glitter witch
Which old witch? The GLITTER witch! Rejoice and all is not lost because there is an environmentally safe alternative I need to tell you about :-) It is just as glittery it just doesn't harm any of the cute little fishes living in the ocean.

The old glitter is made of micro-plastics and is extremely harmful to marine life and takes zillions of years to break down.

This new

Guilt-Free Glitter is

  • Marine & Waste Water biodegradable
  • Home Compost Certified
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Suitable for anaerobic digestion
  • Biodegradable Film
  • Renewable sourced raw materials
YAY say all the parents and children everywhere!! And this is where you can buy it from:

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