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Moving To Full Cream Cows Milk At 12 Months Of Age

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Moving To Full Cream Cows Milk At 12 Months Of Age

Your 12-month-old baby is now officially a little toddler. And as such, they are moving on developmentally at a rapid pace of knots. As soon as they hit their 12 month/1-year-old milestone their nutrition needs to change as well. Whilst milk and dairy are still important food becomes even more so. Their brains are building at such a fast pace and their nerve fibres are undergoing massive myelination. Approximately 90% of their brains are formed by the age of 3 years. The brain is made of at and therefore needs a high good fat diet in order to grow. Their energy needs are higher than an adult male and they need double the carbohydrates of an adult to avoid hangry - aka hungry and angry meltdowns.

Having too much milk affects food intake and especially iron levels.

At 12 months their dairy intake reduces to 1.5-2 servings a day. A serving is 200 MLS Full Cream Milk, 40g or a matchbox size of cheese or 1 small tub of full-fat Greek yoghurt.

Transitioning to Full Cream Cows Milk at 12 months

Hopefully, by now, your baby has sampled some full cream cows milk in cooking or on their cereal. It is important to transition gradually especially if there has been a history of cows milk protein allergy or asthma, eczema or hayfever in the immediate family - parents or siblings.

At 12 months move to all milk feeds in a cup.

Starting a gradual titration - every 2-3 days - 2/3 normal milk and 1/3 full cream milk. Then half and half for 2-3 days followed by 1/3 normal milk and 2/3 full cream milk. Then if there have been no food reactions to the cows' milk you can switch completely. By food reactions, I'm meaning skin rashes such as eczema, mucousy or bloody poo or severe constipation. These are all typical cows milk protein reactions.

All cows milk offered should be full cream until 2 years, after then it can be semi-skim and skim at 5 years.

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