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Life before and after a visit from Karen

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Life before and after a visit from Karen

This is life before and after a visit from Karen. I get many requests for help from desperate parents with babies and toddlers who don't sleep well. Sometimes I get one that really strikes a chord with me and I feel I need to get help to them quickly. This little baby Eliana was sleeping in short bursts in the day and everything had stopped working. Mum had run out of ways to settle her. This is her email and the before selfie.


Hi Karen,

I've been researching sleep schools and stumbled across Nurture Parenting mentioned in a blog! I feel like in-home help may be easier to implement vs help given in a strange clinical environment.

I reached my lowest point yesterday, walking my 6month old in her pram, (as I do most day in an attempt to get her to sleep) and I was sobbing uncontrollably! It was then I knew regardless of whether this was normal infant behaviour I am not coping and need help with new strategies!

I'm a first time mum to a 6 month old, she's breastfed and we have just this week started solids. I feel confused and lost as we have no routine and I don't know how to implement one, or if one is needed.

I'm scared to have days at home as it just seems so stressful when she either doesn't nap, falls asleep on me while feeding, or only sleeps in the carrier or pram after 30-60 mins walking ... And then only sleeps for around 30 minutes.

The only time she sleeps longer is in the car, and we'll often spend 1-2 hours sitting in the driveway if she's fallen asleep in the car on the way home.

I'm frustrated, exhausted and simply feel out of control. I can't get anything done. I feel selfish as I know she's my world, but I just feel like I'm not coping with such a clingy Bub!

Other mums at mothers group seem to have it so together ... and I feel like a failure.

We don't have the happy daytime plays often as I feel like she's constantly tired and I'm doing everything wrong!

Night times are a whole different ball game, taking 1-2 hours to get her asleep and in the cot, by feeding and rocking. She'll generally only wake once or sometimes twice overnight. I feed and can get her back down most of the time within 30-40 minutes ... Sometimes she's not interested in bed again and we're up for 2 hours.

Is this normal, or are there strategies you have that could help me gain a little more control, and possibly even a little time out during the day?

Thank you if you got to the end of his email. (It's car nap time ... ) Melinda

And next another message from mum. This was just one week later after just one 3 hour home consult. Melinda is now skipping along like a Disney character seeing the magic that is in everyday with her daughter, Eliana. This is just beautiful. If just one sleep-deprived mum reads it and thinks, "Oh this is me!" then I've done my good deed for the week. 

Baby sleep


Day 7 .... And it's working almost like clockwork! I'm still in shock that it's worked and so quickly! The rewards are amazing - Eli is eating more than me, and is full of smiles and giggles! I have left the house on my own for the first time since she was born, as she is now not so reliant on me for hourly feeds!

I was worried about my milk supply, and could never have imagined Eli being satisfied with 3-4 feeds a day, we used to do up to 15! I definitely feel as though I'm giving her quality milk now though, with not a single lactation cookie in sight!

I'm even considering a return to work (part time from home) that my boss put on the table a few weeks back! I had never expected this to be an option and when it was put forward I was a little deflated, as I knew there was no way I could juggle things as they were with Eli's sleeping or lack there of, the house and work!

This house now has a happy Bub and a happy mum! We now walk the streets for fun (to go and play at the park) rather than because we have to, to get Eli to have a nap! You really have changed our lives! Thank you xx

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