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Kata & Emily-Rose 18 months

Posted by Abi Staniford on
Kata & Emily-Rose 18 months
Karen, I’m sure you receive thousands of thank you e-mails, but I still would like to express our appreciation. We are ever so grateful for all your help, and your advice made a huge impact on our family.

When we contacted you we had a toddler who didn’t wanna nap and took sometimes (most of the time) two solid hours to put her to bed at night time. She was screaming, tantruming, vomiting and all sorts of fun. She also woke up a billion times during the night. We also had a baby and we were exhausted, and grumpy with each other. After using your gentle method now we have a toddler who has a 2-2.5 hours nap every day, and at the evenings after her story time she waves good night, we turn off the light and walk out from her room. We can hear her singing and chatting away happily for a little while but soon she is sound asleep until the morning every single night.

Now we know where we made mistakes and we do not make them again with our baby so now we have two kids who are absolute sleeping champions! We still look at each other with my husband every evening when we are drinking wine/have a cup of tea/watching tv/playing cards with a happy grin on our face and just cannot believe in it how our life has changed.

So thank you so much for everything, we are ever so grateful Karen!

Lots of love,


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