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Hothousing - is it really a good idea?

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Hothousing - is it really a good idea?
On my latest trip to England I read a very interesting newspaper article.

I'm still thinking about it even though my trip was in May! Note to self Karen, don't think too much, write more blog!

That's the great thing about the blog, once written those naughty pesty thoughts go...amazing.

So hothousing ...what is it and is it good or bad?

Just think of a greenhouse and what happens to plants like tomatoes. They're given light, heat and water and they grow faster than a tomato planted outside is able to do.

See where I'm going?

I spoke to my friend, Jayne, a primary school lecturer at Uni about this.

She visits other countries and looks at their education system as part of her job and has some very interesting insights.

She'd recently been to Scandinavia and their children don't start school (formal education) till 7 years old. Way behind the Australian 5yo and the UK 4yo and guess what? There is no detriment to their education level. They're just as bright and a lot less stressed. Maybe all these activities and homework are not always a good thing.

I'm thinking that a bit of active freedom can enhance those educational and creative processes and may just be the recipe for a well balanced mind.

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