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Hints to move your baby on with rolling over, sitting and crawling

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
baby development, rolling over, sitting, crawling, infant development, developmental stages
I quite often get a phone call or email from a parent worried about their babies sudden change in waking habits at night.

This is often not a sleep problem because these babies can self settle and re-settle very easily.

The cause is often developmental.

They've either just mastered a new skill or have rolled over and forgotten how to get back again! Sound familiar??? 

So all you need to do is help your baby do a bit of skills mastery at the appropriate ages.

It's a bit like baby boot camp and needs intensive practicing for a week or so and to be continued...

As you know a baby's development does not keep still, nor does the baby!

A baby needs to practice lots of tummy time to start with. See my previous blog on tummy time.

Then at 3-4 mths start to practice rolling over from front to back and back to front. Repeat 3 times at each nappy change. Clap your hands and praise baby each time he/she does this to encourage baby to enjoy it and so he/she connects the dots...that this is what we want them to do.

Then at 5-6 mths practice sitting unsupported.

At 6 -7 months practice moving into crawling.

It's important that they master each stage before moving onto the next.

Then eventually they'll be able to stand and walk and hopefully any little sleep interruptions have been ironed out by this regular exercise.

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