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Guest blogger coming very soon!

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Guest blogger coming very soon!
My little sis, mummy of Miss Freya now aged 5 and a half months old has been talked into being my guest blogger.

Lesley was pestering, almost nagging me for more crocheted hats and woolly items for Miss Freya. They live in the far North of England and its very very cold. Almost arctic in fact.

My sister is not very 'crafty' as she's left handed and not interested. Me, on the other hand loves crochet, knitting, sewing and lots of craft stuff.

crocheted hat

Now I'm time poor - Karen, many jobs and time is money!!!

So we're doing an exchange...a blog for a hat!

I've asked her for a weekly blog on parenting in the North of England (with lots of humour). We both have a very cheeky, dry sense of humour and are similar in style. We both love books and reading and an overuse of the exclamation mark!!!!

So come on Lesley, put that baby food down and get on that computer. You already have peeps desperate to hear your wise words!

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