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Which is the best baby massage oil?

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Baby Massage Oil, baby massage
Choosing the right baby oil is really important when doing baby massage.

It needs to have good slippage qualities. Basically this means it glides beautifully over the skin.

Anything that doesn't have slippage creates a really unpleasant massage with friction. Ouchy!

So it's so important to choose your massage oil wisely and use a cold pressed oil.

Grapeseed oil is my all time fave. You can buy it in the vegetable oil section at any supermarket. It's very hard to source organic grapeseed in Australia.

It's very hypoallergenic and soaks beautifully into the skin and doesn't stain clothes.

Other massage oils I like are sweet almond (avoid with family history of allergies especially nut allergies), coconut oil and apricot kernel oil.You can do a blend of 2 or 3 of these if you like!

It's important when doing baby massage that you warm the oil first in your hands before placing them on baby's skin. Usually an application of a 10 cent size is sufficient.

Try and avoid essentail oils as they may get over absorbed if not diluted correctly and some research in the New England Medical Journal found male's grew boobies when exposed to lavender and tea tree oil!

Want to learn more about baby massage then watch the trailer for my baby massage book:

Here's some really lovely photos from a Baby Massage Seminar I did at MG Pilates at Erskineville at the weekend. Check out these blissed out bubba's - so cute.

Partners come along for FREE and my next infant massage seminar is on Saturday 10th November, 2-3pm.

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