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Baby Whisperer - Elicia & Abi

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
Baby Whisperer - Elicia & Abi

Before I had a baby I didn’t imagine I would need the help of a baby whisperer, but when I found myself with a newborn who would only sleep in my arms or in a sling, I was prepared to try anything.

Karen was a lifesaver – she quickly taught us how to settle bub in her cot for daytime sleeps, and gave us really practical information about how to deal with each new stage.

She’s incredibly warm and knowledgeable, and has even responded to the occasional out-of-hours SOS text message. I’m now putting into practice the tips I picked up at her baby-led weaning seminar too. I can’t speak highly enough of Karen – she’s a living, breathing cheat sheet to life as a new parent.

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