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What age can you do baby sleep training?

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
What age can you do baby sleep training?

I often get asked, what age can you do baby sleep training?

I'm going to look first at sleep training vs. prevention of sleep problems. I'm taking you back nearly 3 years to my first ever blog! Wow! I can't believe where the time has gone...

How to prevent sleep problems in your baby

I'm a big fan of preventing sleep problems and doing it early. In the UK we practiced sleep promotion with babies as young as 2-3 weeks of age as long as breast feeding/feeding was established and they were thriving/gaining weight adequately.

baby sleep

In New South Wales here in OZ we have a treatment approach where sleep problems are not prevented and you are sent off to sleep school as a rite of passage. I was actively discouraged from preventing sleep problems in babies in one health network I worked in. I was told instead to fill the form out and fax it off to Tresillian! I kid you not. I was stunned.

In the UK when I was practicing sleep promotion in babies it was so easy to do. Babies rarely cried. It was knowing when and how to settle them. And we never wrapped babies ever and there was very little intervention if any. They just closed their eyes in their bassinets and went to sleep.

baby in cot

Fast forward a few years and OZ and it's all sleep training.

A lot of my clients are now coming to me early with baby no 2 and are even ringing me before their due date to make sure I'm available! I love sleep promotion. It's calm, very little or no crying and we instill healthy sleep habits early on. I love it. And so do the babies. And so do the mums.

Don't wait until things are out of control. It doesn't need to hapen and it's easy and gentle if it's done early. I'd definately do it by 1-2 months, 3 at the latest and definately before 6 months. By then there is crying because of all the learnt behaviour.

The research says that sleep training has an optimum age of 6-12 months to be effective.

I'd like to add sleep promotion onto that and do it before 3 months. You'll be a happier parent and have a happier more content baby if you do.

Call me if you'd like to know more. I love sharing my secrets :-)

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