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Live chat with Karen on Google Hangouts coming very soon...

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
baby sleep

Hey mums and dads,

Join the movement at Nurture Parenting at my NEW MEMBERSHIP INFO & SUPPORT service.

I know that a lot of you would like more help and support with your bubs and toddlers.

I know how hard it is when things change with their age and development and those pesky wonder weeks.

And I also know that some of you parents would like more help from an experienced health professional (moi) that is also a baby sleep and toddler guru!

And you’d like help that is low cost. Now I’ve got your attention!

From Monday 3rd November 2014 to January 31st 2015 I’m launching a new membership service. I’m keeping it small and intimate because there is only little old me. But soon, very soon there will be more of me and come 1st February this is going to take off big time. The live chat at Google Hangouts will form part of a much bigger membership experience.

I’m doing live chat twice a week on the net for an hour – I’m thinking Tuesday 8pm for the 0-12 month olds. 

For the toddler/children parents I’m thinking Wednesday evening at 8pm.

The live chat is via Google Hangouts and you can ask Q's during the live chat on the screen via Google. I'll answer as many as possible and answer others either next week or via email/blogs. Attendees are invited via email and you can send me Q's prior to the live chat too.

I’m writing a blog tomorrow with full instructions and I’m offering the first week free and open to as many parents who would like to join me. All you have to do is open a Google account and add me to your circles. I'll send it in very easy instructions tomorrow.

From next week 10th November I’m offering this awesome experience at a bargain basement investment of $100.

If you’d like up to 5 emails and 2 phone calls/SMS included (small Q’s) it’s an investment of $150.

The Google Hangouts live chat will then be available to members only.

I’m inviting up to 20 parents to the 0-12 month old live chat and up to 20 to the toddler/child live chat (1-5 year olds).

If you’re in let me know via email asap at and pass this onto your mothers group and friends with bubs.

It’s a first come first served…SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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