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First foods for babies

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
First foods for babies

Ideas for introducing solids

I recently got asked for a few puree ideas and first foods for 4-6 month-old babies.

Chicken and sweet potato pureeit is wise to introduce each new food every 2-3 days before you start combining purees. Annabel Karmel has a great website and gives FREE ideas on purees and

First foods for babies

  • Pureed butternut squash or pumpkin - oven roast in olive oil (set oven at 160-180C).

Chop pieces small so they cook quicker and turn pieces over halfway through cooking. Takes around 20 minutes to cook 2cm cubes.Blend with breast milk, formula or water. Yummo, an Australian babies favourite

  • Pureed pear - Mix with baby rice and baby's usual milk

  • Pureed apple - use a red apple such as Pink Lady or Royal Gala - Mix with baby rice again and baby's usual milk.

  • Pureed banana - easy and no cook. Mix with baby rice and baby's usual milk for a great tummy filler with a low glycaemic index (takes longer to digest so will satiate for longer)

Mixing food together

Now we can start to get a bit more interesting and mix foods together, one at a time just in case baby has a reaction. If that occurs and we're looking for skin rashes like eczema. diarrhoea and hives. In worst case scenarios it's anaphylaxis but I've given you such a 'safe' list of foods to start on that it's very unlikely.

  • Potato and apple or pear

  • Sweet potato and apple or pear

  • Cauliflower, potato and apple

  • Pumpkin and pear

  • Zucchini and pear with baby rice

  • Broccoli and apple or pear mixed with potato or baby rice 

  • Carrot and apple with baby rice or potato

  • Sweet potato, apple and zucchini

Try and freeze each fruit and vegetable puree in ice-cube trays. When frozen, put in a labelled freezer bag or freezer container and you've got a ready supply to mix and match. Defrost ice-cubes in the fridge and don't forget food hygiene rules. Babies have very delicate tummies and immune systems especially before 6 months of age.

I'm hopefully going to do a few easy purees each week in detail. I'll be doing them for 4-6-month-old babies and 6-8-month-old babies and ideas for older babies.

Watch this space....





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