Why Choose Nurture Parenting

Nurture Parenting wants to challenge and change the current parenting models to inspire and provide confidence in all parents to become the best they can be.

Nurture Parenting was founded in 2011 by Karen Faulkner, a Registered Midwife and Community Specialist Practitioner/Child & Family Health Nurse.

Our highly qualified and experienced team has helped hundreds of families and solved sleep problems no one else could. No problem is too hard.  We understand the challenges of modern parenting and support families all over the world with our innovative online baby sleep training programs, baby self settle course, and personalised Skype and Phone consults.

Our reputation for helping struggling families results in many of our clients finding out about us purely through word of mouth, from parents telling their friends – “You have to call Karen, she’s amazing!”

If you’re ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep and a tranquil home environment, you should know about our holistic approach to baby sleep. Enquire about our services straight away!

We aim to be the best quality baby sleep and parent support service with the most qualified and experienced staff to help your family locally, in Sydney, or remotely world wide.

We want to spread the love and help parents everywhere experience a calm upbringing for their child through the baby sleep training and baby self settle online course we offer.

At Nurture Parenting we:

  • Believe in teaching and supporting families from the heart
  • Use kindness in everything we do
  • Use evidence-based best practice
  • Aim to leave parents with the WOW factor
  • Always go the extra mile
  • Have a support service accessible by all, no matter where they live or their available income
  • Have qualified experience and deep knowledge
  • Hold Australian recognised sleep qualifications.

Nurture Parenting is ever-expanding with loads of new projects and a growing team to support parents everywhere.


Getting my sleep back has been a life saver! Both my husband and I are so grateful to Karen for helping us get this back! I definitely recommend Karen to any parent having trouble with a child establishing good sleep habits.

Loretta and Ava, 7 months

Karen was highly recommended by a friend and I decided to give her a go. She connected with Julia right away but mainly she understood me. She knew what I was struggling with and she gave me all the tools I needed to act and avoid the 4th month sleep regression. I would recommend Karen to all the parents that struggle with a baby because babies they do not grow out of catnapping but they can with Karen’s help.

Beatrix and Julia, 3 months

I was convinced Karen would tell me there was nothing she could do to help us with Zac’s sleeping. I felt like we’d tried everything. So I was amazed, one session with Karen down, Zac was sleeping in his cot for the first time during the day. Thank you Karen!

Trish and Zac, 10 months

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