Holistic and Kind Nurture Sleep Program

The Nurture Sleep Program is an online program helping your baby or child learn to self-settle.



Sleep Consultant Programs & Sleep Training Your Baby

Designed from birth to 5 years, the holistic and kind Nurture Sleep Program includes:

  • Day & night routines, wake windows,
  • Holistic and kind self-soothing methods
  • Evidence based and scientific 
  • Optimum sleep environment
  • A nutrition program with 80 new recipes containing sleep promoting ingredients
  • Menu Plans to promote sleep
  • FAQs and trouble shooting
  • Access to the Nurture Sleep Program private Facebook group & 200+ time-coded past Facebook Live video’s

What’s Included In The Nurture Sleep Program

Over 50 support videos

How to recognise tired signs, baby massage tricks, how to help your baby sleep, how to communicate lovingly and so much more

Downloadable guides

Including your babies milestone charts, sleep diary, meal planners, tips, routine planners and checklists to pin on your wall

Food Recipes and nutrition

Meal planners, breast feeding tips, introducing bottle feeding. Healthy nutrition guides, introducing solids and when, to help to promote sleep

Karen’s best seller e books

Included are 4 of Karen’s latest e-books – over 300 page of full illustrated books with charts, checklists, tips and myths.

Case Studies

Learn from existing members, how Karen’s expertise helped with their babies/ toddlers sleep.

Over 500 topics discussed

Karen’s rich practical experience and qualifications adds real depth to the program. With 33 years in psychology, nursing and midwife training, her holistic and caring approach has helped hundreds of families find joy in parenting once more.

Nurture Sleep Program segments

Currently included in the one single price of $97





Facebook live Thursdays with Karen Faulkner

Your baby and toddler questions will be personally answered by Karen Faulkner

  • In the Nurture Sleep Baby and Toddler Facebook Group,
  • or during Karen’s Facebook Live sessions
  • Exclusive ONLY to Program members.

Together rising to the challenge of being the best possible parent.

The Nurture Sleep Program is a collective of parents JUST LIKE YOU applying evidence based methods developed by Karen Faulkner.

Learn More About Karen

Over 30 Years Of Practical Experience In One Program

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There is no other program delivering such value to parents and carers of babies, toddlers and support to parents.

  • Easy to read layout for tired eyes to find help
  • Fully Searchable with structured topics
  • Colorful content, videos, links, downloads and planners
  • Lifetime membership

Our Happy Families

Nicole & Ollie 6 months

Karen’s approach is confident and extremely knowledgeable.
Her ability to recognise a baby’s protest from a serious need is, what I believe, is her magic touch.
Karen’s approachable and non-judgemental interactions have always left me the mother with so much more confidence and enjoyment from my child.
She is one of a kind and an extremely gifted lady.
I feel so relieved that our paths have crossed and I can’t recommend her enough.
Keep up the amazing work xxxxx
Stella & Valentino

Stella & Valentino
Karen you may be known as the baby whisperer but I like to think of you as The Sleep Angel <3
Thank you so much for all of your help getting our Zara (6.5month old) who was waking 2-3 times a night and feeding now sleeping through the night…within a week.
Your tips and tricks are invaluable to any family with a baby…. You were so nurturing not only with her but also with me too, your knowledge is amazing and considering she is my 3rd baby I’ve learnt so much from you… And you’ve been a constant source of support since!!! Thank you again Zara thanks you too XX
Jo & Zara 8 months
Jo & Zara 8 months
Being a sleep-deprived parent is exhausting. Being a parent, with Karen in your corner, equips you with the skills to cope and enjoy the roller coaster ride called parenthood!



Harry & Daniel & Bridget
Karen, you have NO IDEA what you’ve done for us!!! Our little bubba has slept through 12 nights straight since you came.
We feel like new parents and she seems to have developmentally accelerated since (coincidence or not)! She eats soo much better too it’s amazing I can’t believe the difference. All I can say is Thank you. It was hard and there were tears but we are all so much happier for it. Money well spent. Xxx
Samantha & Bella
Samantha & Bella
In one night we ditched the dummy, swaddle & breast. A few nights before you came, I was up with Ollie 9 times and saw every hour on the clock. Last night he slept from 6.30 pm to 6 am.
Bedtime is the greatest achievement. Before it took me an hour, as I feed him to sleep and very slowly transferred him to the cot. This was also Miles’ bath & bedtime, so as Dave would still be at work I was ‘managing’ both bedtimes. I was a grumpy, screaming mummy. Now Ollie goes to sleep in 1minute and Miles gets his storytime, and there is no screaming, no tears, no stress.
Karen, you are the best money ever spent, Dave said on the weekend, that you gave us our lives back – and that is no exaggeration.