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Life with 2 children under 2

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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This is my sister, Lesley's blogpost of what it's like parenting 2 children under the age of 2 - Freya 2 years and Tilly 1 year!

My sister asked me to write about what it is like to have a two year old and a one year old so here goes.

Firstly, I would just like to say I know I am incredibly fortunate to have two gorgeous little girls, and not a days goes by when I don't think that. Freya is two, and Tilly is one - there is 13 months between them, and I am 41 eekk! I also know there are people out there who have it much tougher than me, and I take my hat off to you!

The day generally starts about 6am and it's full on from then! Breakfast is a juggling act of one spoon for Tilly, and one spoon for me, - luckily Freya is great at feeding herself, so she's pretty self sufficient in that area.

Tilly is just starting to try and feed herself and likes to use her spoon and fork as a comb to spread as much food as she can through her hair at the same time.

I usually manage a cup of tea while watching Peppa Pig and the Little Princess. Then it's the challenge of getting us all dressed. Freya is at the age where she is trying to get herself dressed a little, (that's when she's not running away from me and bouncing on the bed). She can often be found parading around in my shoes and a woolly hat (in the summer).

Tilly is the wriggliest little fish I know and can be more of a challenge, and there's usually a big fight to get a nappy on too!

Then we try and get out of the house to keep sane - I dread rainy days! Tilly normally goes in the backpack or pram, and Freya goes on the buggy board or reins. The playground is a regular haunt, and we're lucky we have a garden - days out take a bit more organising and I don't tackle too many of them on my own!

Freya and Tilly
Once they've burnt a bit of steam off it's dinner, and the bit I look forward to is their afternoon nap!!

Then its time for more play, tea time and then a bath which can be chaos! The other night I was trying to fish a poo and a toddler out of the bath , while the one year old was busy standing on the toilet unknown to me!

Tilly has just started walking and I spend most of my day taking her down from the table, chair,pram, highchair or windowsill! If i've lost anything it generally under or behind the settee, in daddys' boots or the wood bucket. I spend a fair amount of time supervising fair play, and there is definitely sibling rivalry - Tilly is often getting her hair pulled,hit on the head (once with a frying pan although luckily it was plastic) or pushed over! I'm sure she is storing it all up for when she's older.

But then the other morning one of the first things Freya said was ' I love Tilly mummy'. And there are times when the two of them giggle away with each other while up to mischief. Bedtime arrives (sometimes not soon enough for my liking!) and I sit down with a large glass of red and breathe out, mentally preparing myself for the next day! They are pretty good at sleeping (well they have to be with a sister like mine!) but I'm usually up a few times in the night.

My partner often works away, or does night shifts so it's usually me who is on call. My parents are absolutely fantastic, and I would be lost without them, - they look after them when i go to work part time,( a job i've just started) , which is a welcome break for us all I think, and I know they are well looked after and having lots of fun! There are great days, good days and not so good days but I take it one day at a time, and on the whole they are a complete joy to look after and proper little comedians.

Freya can count to twenty, say her ABC, sing her nursery rhymes, dance like a lunatic, and you can converse with her like an adult at times! Tilly doesn't miss a trick, and i'm sure she will be equally as smart, and I know I will be kept on my toes! As for housework - what's that?

I have to keep telling myself it will get easier, and for anyone who tries to tell me otherwise I walk away, or put my fingers in my ears! But it goes without saying I love them both soooo much, and wouldn't change a thing.

Right it's nearly ten o clock which is way past my bedtime so that's me done!

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