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How much milk does your toddler need?

Posted by Karen Faulkner on
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Today's blog follows on nicely from yesterday's one on how much milk does your 6-12 month old baby need?

Milk needs for your toddler is something I get asked about all the time. So it's only natural that a blog is born!

The new Australian dietary guidelines have reduced the servings of dairy to 2 servings a day. A serving is 200mls of full cream cows milk or a breast feed.


its a matchbox size 40g piece of hard cheese like cheddar for example


it's a small tub of full fat yoghurt

toddler milk

Here's a flexible day plan for a 12 month plus toddler

6 am – wake, change nappy and milk feed

7am – breakfast

Followed by playtime and morning walk

12 midday – lunch, main and dessert

followed by short playtime

1 - 3 pm – afternoon sleep

5pm – evening meal, main and dessert

Bedtime routine and wind down – bath, story time and milk feed

7pm – bedtime and sleep till 6 am.

There should be No Night Feeds, this is really important. Water can be offered to help provide you, the parent with an alternative.

As I mentioned on the previous blog if your toddler is having too much milk or dairy they're not going to take the lovely nutritious foods that form a balanced diet and so the toddler is labelled 'fussy'.

Iron deficiency is a problem that can occur from drinking too much milk. See my previous blog, link below on iron deficiency.

So I hope I've helped make that a bit clearer for all you parents out there.

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